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Something while you wait for me?..

Let me help you with your private practice online so you can reduce overwhelm and avoid passing on your bad habits!

You might still be on mine or another instructor’s waiting list? But speaking to many parents, you might also have a suitable car at home and be starting to think about teaching your teenager yourself because you don’t know when you will be able to start with a professional instructor?

If this is you then you might also be worried about passing on your bad habits? Or you may be wondering whether you have the skills, time and patience to do it? Would it help if I shared some simple, easy to follow frameworks which would show you what to teach, how to teach it, how to avoid passing on your bad habits and also save you time and money?

Every day I say no to enquiries from desperate parents who’s Son or Daughter are wanting to learn to drive….My heart goes out to all of those parents that I am turning away as I was in the same position with my own daughter before I qualified as a driving instructor.  The reason wasn’t covid back then, but the problem was the same.

I want to help as many parents as I can but there is only so much I can do through traditional car teaching methods.”

This is why I am so excited to share my first course with you!

Parallel Parking Pro

From speaking to parents (and students) it seems that maneuvers, how to do them, what the examiner is looking for and which ones are in the modern driving test seem to be a big concern for many of you.  So with this in mind, I have developed a mini course designed especially for parents to teach their teenager how to Parallel Park.  For a fraction of the cost of a normal 2 hour driving lesson, my mini course Parallel Parking Pro will give you everything you need to teach your teenager how to Parallel Park. You will not find another online course designed especially for parents to teach their teenagers by using my simple step by step formula, and I also share the common mistakes to look out for along with insider hacks on how to fix them.

This pre recorded online course will fulfill your child’s desire to master Parallel Parking without leaving you feeling overwhelmed by the task of trying to teach them alone. The course will take you 30 minutes to work through, and about an hour to practice in your own car which will eliminate the wasted time of trial and error.  I have shared the same formula I use to teach my students, you will learn the areas to take them to practice and you will also have the tools to trouble shoot common mistakes.

As a special BONUS I have included a FREE printable of my “Winning Formula”  along with a printable action plan to follow, and by the end of this mini course your teenager could know how to Parallel Park to a standard which could satisfy the examiner on test day..

And the best part is you can teach this using my formula even if you are not very good at it yourself!

Follow the link below to access the course for a fraction of the cost of a standard driving lesson and you could be teaching your teenager how to Parallel Park today!

You could do this on your own as I did, but do you have the time to piece together the information?  Do you feel confident that you can not only teach accuracy but also the other competencies required to teach the maneuver to test standard?

Purchase Parallel Parking Pro today to benefit from my professional guidance and be sure you are teaching your Son or Daughter correctly…And all for a fraction of the cost of paying me to teach it using traditional methods!

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