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My journey in driver education started in 2003 when I finally realized my dream of becoming a Driving Instructor….(for the first time).  Road safety is very close to my heart and I have my father to thank for this, as a driving instructor himself, he not only taught me to drive but was also a pioneer in driver education. Watching my father’s passion for delivering the highest standards of Learner Driver Training inspired me from an early age to follow in his footsteps. 

I lived in Dubai for several years which forced me to take a break from teaching  but when we returned to the UK and my daughter turned 17, I found myself teaching her to drive and picking up the reigns again. Teaching Nia reminded me of how much I love the industry and what a vital role Professional Driver Training plays in keeping our roads safe. So after my daughter passed her test I decided to re-qualify as a Driving Instructor which put me in a very unique position.

My Unique Position
  • Fresh and Enthusiastic
  • Up to Date with Modern Teaching Methods
  • Experienced
  • Committed to your Success

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