How to reduce anxiety when learning to drive!

For some people, learning to drive is not the exciting adventure they have waited their whole lives to start…Learning anything new is a challenge, we all bring our past experiences (good and bad) to the table, and not all of us learn to drive because we want to. So let’s look at how Thought FieldContinue reading “How to reduce anxiety when learning to drive!”

6 Ideas for Driving Lesson Confidence after Lockdown.

As yet another lockdown starts to draw to an end in the UK, I am painfully aware that many of my students have not been driving very much at all.  Back in December, we were forced to stop Driving Lessons completely, and for those of you lucky enough to have a car for private practice,Continue reading “6 Ideas for Driving Lesson Confidence after Lockdown.”

FREE Online training for Learner Drivers!

Get FREE Driver Active online programme today! It’s been a while now since coronavirus forced us to put learning to drive goals on hold. Are you worried that you will have lost some of your driving skills which will now take time and money to put right? Our FREE online training offered in partnership withContinue reading “FREE Online training for Learner Drivers!”

Follow our 3 top tips to save you money on your Driving Lessons after Lockdown…

1. Keep practicing your theory questions. Every time we get behind the wheel of a car we apply what we have learned in our theory to our practical driving so it is vital that we don’t forget what we have learned during this downtime.  Whatever stage you are at with your theory study, download theContinue reading “Follow our 3 top tips to save you money on your Driving Lessons after Lockdown…”

Behind the scenes!

Welcome to my new Blog and to kick things off I thought you might enjoy finding out a few “behind the scenes” things about me. Firstly I can tell you that I am a female….(clearly), friendly…. (of course), patient….(goes with the territory), qualified driving instructor….(why wouldn’t I be qualified if I am charging you forContinue reading “Behind the scenes!”