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It’s been a while now since coronavirus forced us to put learning to drive goals on hold. Are you worried that you will have lost some of your driving skills which will now take time and money to put right? Our FREE online training offered in partnership with Driver Active, will help you stay on track with your driving even if you can’t have practical lessons at the moment.

We are slowly starting to come out of the dark and we are learning to adjust to some sort of a ” new normal” but we understand that whether you have only had a few lessons or were almost test ready, your concerns around your driving are valid and so just how can we make a “new normal” for learning and maintaining practical driving skills when we are still required to uphold social distancing rules?

Practicing Show Me, Tell Me Questions

If you are already one of our students then you will be familiar with the unique Driver Active online training programme, for which we usually offer 90 Days Free Access but… to help all learner drivers and, until we can safely get back in the car, we can now offer unlimited access to online, no obligation training, absolutely FREE whether you are one of our students or not! It is chock full of information and videos presented in an interesting way, (We are aware driving related topics can be a dry read!) Whilst there can be no substitute for practical “road experience” with a qualified instructor, this programme offers valuable interactive insights into the practical skill of driving and will help you retain and build on the skills you already have!!!

Under normal circumstances, we use online videos and tutorials to go into a little more detail than we sometimes have time for when we are in the car, as after all when you are with me you will want to gain the maximum benefit from my expertise whilst actually driving! So these videos are designed to accelerate and deepen your learning at home, allowing you to consolidate your last lesson, help you prepare for your next lesson and most importantly SAVE you money on learning to drive! Having said that during extended periods where you cannot take practical lessons they are also invaluable in keeping your knowledge at the forefront and exercising your “driving brain”…..This unique online programme will give you the opportunity to “dig deeper” into the knowledge you already have, or it may help you look at a particular problem in a slightly different way, which could then help you solve it when you go back to your lessons. You will never again have the luxury of so much time to expand your knowledge and offset some of the lack of practical training opportunities you are currently facing. This could not only result in you needing fewer lessons but guaranteed it will make you a better driver and more likely to pass your driving test! 

With this FREE training you can refresh everything you have learned so far as well as understanding and preparing for what is yet to come. If you spend quality time working through this progamme now, you should be in a position to resume your Driving Lessons stronger and wiser! 

FREE Driver Active online training program can help you:

Keep in the driving mindset

Learn at your own pace

Consolidate and refresh previously learned skills

Study ahead for when practical lessons start

Gain a deeper understanding of driving procedure

Save money on lessons

Become a better driver

Pass your test easier

We both have the same ultimate goal…YOUR SUCCESS!… and these FREE training materials will speed you on your way…Start Today!

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I am an independent Driving Instructor, passionate about teaching safe driving for life.

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