Follow our 3 top tips to save you money on your Driving Lessons after Lockdown…


1. Keep practicing your theory questions.

Every time we get behind the wheel of a car we apply what we have learned in our theory to our practical driving so it is vital that we don’t forget what we have learned during this downtime.  Whatever stage you are at with your theory study, download the DVSA Official Theory App and test yourself once a week.  Even if you have already passed your theory test this is a great way to keep in the driving mindset and keep your knowledge fresh which, may ultimately end up saving you money when you go back to your practical lessons.

2. Use your downtime to read.

Click Here to Purchase DVSA Official Publications

When you first started learning to drive you probably went out and bought the DVSA guide “Learning to Drive” or other DVSA publications? Now would be a good time to read them! (If you don’t already have them, the DVSA are offering 10% discount for a limited period at the moment). They are packed with useful information to make learning to drive easier and there is even advice for accompanying drivers…this means that once lockdown is lifted, even if you can’t start your lessons right away,  you will be well positioned to go out and practice with a suitable family member to refresh your skills and save money on professional lessons.  (Please do make sure though that your accompanying driver is over 21 and has been driving for at least 3 years.  Also ensure you have valid insurance for the vehicle you are driving).

3.Go on to the official DVSA website “Safe Driving for  Life” .

Click Here for Safe Driving for Life

If reading books isn’t your thing then Safe Driving for Life has a wealth of FREE information online and now is the time to take a look and expand your knowledge including what to expect on your Driving Test.  We all live busy lives and whilst as a driving instructor I will do everything in my power to teach you as much as I can, to not only to pass your test but also to stay safe on the roads… will never again have the opportunity to do some extended reading on the subject and expand your knowledge. This could not only result in you needing fewer lessons but guaranteed it will make you a better driver and more likely to pass your driving test!

Published by Julie Hazell Driver Education

I am an independent Driving Instructor, passionate about teaching safe driving for life.

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