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Welcome to my new Blog and to kick things off I thought you might enjoy finding out a few “behind the scenes” things about me. Firstly I can tell you that I am a female….(clearly), friendly…. (of course), patient….(goes with the territory), qualified driving instructor….(why wouldn’t I be qualified if I am charging you for lessons) and using a dual controlled car…. (just like all other reputable instructors). Apart from the female part I am sure you have read these words on almost every Driving Instructor website you have seen? Don’t misunderstand me…I am all of these things but surely if you are paying for my professional services these qualities are a given?

So what does make me different?…Well, I come from a family of Driving Instructors…my father was a Driving Instructor and was way ahead of his time with some of his pioneering ideas which we see in the modern world of Driver Training today. He taught my mother to drive and of course yours truly and given he was well renowned in driving circles all eyes were on us (and him) when we took our tests….no pressure! Two of my brothers are also driving instructors so I guess you could say it is in the blood and I have certainly experienced the industry and all it’s ups and downs from a very early age.

Secondly… Fun fact! I have qualified as a Driving Instructor twice!! Now you should know that qualifying is tough and the pass rate to be accepted on to the ADI (Approved Driving Instructor Register) is very low. So no-one in their right mind would put themselves through that twice if they weren’t truly passionate for their work! The reason I needed to jump through the hoops twice is because once you are qualified you are required to take regular tests (just like taking your driving test over and over again…what fun!) which in my case I was unable to do as we lived in Dubai for several years when my children were young. When we came back therefore, my passion to teach had not gone away so back to the books I went. The experience of re qualifying was completely different from back in 2003 but I am now in a unique position of being able to bring to the table both experience and fresh up to date knowledge. With the best will in the world if you have been doing the same thing every day for 20 years it is easy to become set in your ways and lose your drive (pardon the pun) and with any job when you are newly qualified you are on your game in terms of modern methods but you have yet to learn certain skills which only come with experience. I can offer both experience and the latest training techniques.

So exactly what can you expect from me?

I am 100% committed to your learning…It goes without saying that I will develop your driving skills in order for you to not only pass your driving test but also to become a confident and skilled driver. The reason I can say this is because this is not just a job for me, it is a vocation and when I am on your time, you will have 100% of my time. That is how important teaching you is to me.

I will be the best I can be for YOU…at every lesson. I will arrive fresh, focused and prepared in order for you to get maximum value from your hard earned money.

I will help you by following an easy training program… but having said that, I understand that everyone learns in different ways and within different time frames so if we do hit a road block in your learning then together we will work out an alternative approach which works for you and keeps you on track.

I will be professional and transparent at all times… and when you reach a stage where you can practice without me I will fully support you and your accompanying driver to get the most from your practice between lessons. At the end of the day you are paying me to teach you, not to sit next to you to make it legal whilst you drive around. I see this as a team effort between you, myself and eventually your accompanying driver so I will help you to have focused practice between lessons which will consolidate what we have already learned. If you can do this then it will save you money and give you valuable road time.

Finally… going back to our theme at the beginning of this being a family business, I thought I would share this image with you of our mascot and family dog Lilly….in these unprecedented times I need to get my practice where I can and she is proving to be a very quick learner!!!! 🙂

Until next time….stay safe

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I am an independent Driving Instructor, passionate about teaching safe driving for life.

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